Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson



Alistair Russell (guitar, vocals) comes from North-East England, of Scottish parentage. He has been singing and playing Scottish and Irish music, and his own songs, for over 40 years, chiefly as a member of Scotland's legendary Battlefield Band from 1984 to 1997. He has 15 albums and 2 video releases to his name, and currently performs solo and with Chris, besides being active as a recording engineer/producer and tour manager. He has also issued a Celtic Guitar tuition DVD along with Chris.

Chris Parkinson (melodeon, piano accordion, harmonica, keyboards) comes from Lancashire, with family roots in the west of Ireland. A session player on over 20 albums from various artists, as well as 2 solo albums and 8 CD releases with The House Band ( a pan-celtic outfit which originated in Scotland some 25 years ago). He currently divides his time between his duo with Alistair, studio sessions for the Billy Connolly TV shows, and sideman duties with Steve Phillips, John Wright, Martin Simpson and Norma Waterson/Martin Carthy (phew!).


The Music:

Their programme is very varied in style and content, but very much based on the Celtic music which forms the roots of both musicians. Both players had realised some time ago that lots of excellent material had passed out of currency through overuse. But a whole new generation of young celtic music fans was eager to hear what were, for them, new songs and tunes. Both Battlefield Band and the House Band did their bit in the 1990's, so that "old chestnuts" could be given new life – the folk process, in a nutshell. In addition, the songs from the "A19" album contain many newer compositions by well-known writers and by Alistair himself. Chris's wide musical taste as heard on his solo recordings, and his own compositions, are also represented.

With Alistair and Chris, you get virtuoso playing, yet simple arrangements, enthusiastic singalongs and tender ballads. Two experienced players, who have both been at the very cutting edge of celtic music, relaxing with the tunes and songs they love best, and still finding the energy to break new ground.