A Weekend of Traditional Music, Dance and Events

Rothbury Traditional Music Festival is a small, friendly, community based music festival set in the heart of Northumberland in Rothbury in the beautiful Coquet Valley. Over the last three decades Rothbury Festival has established a unique atmosphere that has drawn musicians and singers from throughout the country and beyond to spend a weekend sharing music and experiencing Northumbrian traditions.


Enjoy One Of Northumberland's Favourite Traditional Music Events

Outside Stage - Beat It Cloggers - Saturday 2016
Dialect Poetry - Church 2016
Queens Head - Saturday 2016
Village Green - Storyteller 2016
Outside Stage 2015
Market Cross - Storyteller - 2015
Dialect Poetry - Church - 2015
Sunday - Queens Head - 2014
High Street - 2014
Saturday competition - UR Church - 2014
outside UR Church - Sunday 2014
Friday pub session - Queens Head
Friday pub session - Turks - 2013
1st School - 2013
1st School - 2013
Bob Fox - outside stage Saturday 2016
Dialect Poetry - Nicola Mason 2016
Festival Office 2016
Newcastle Hotel - Saturday 2016
Friday Night Ceilidh - 2014
Friday Night Ceilidh - 2014
Friday night - Newcastle Hotel - 2014
The Mart - 2014
Friday night - Newcastle Hotel - 2014
Rag Bag Morris - Saturday 2014
Mart 2015
Final Fling - Jubilee Hall - 2015
Turks Head - Sunday - 2015
Market Cross - Sunday - 2015
Queens Head - Sunday - 2015

Rothbury Traditional Music Festival

19th, 20th & 21st

July 2019

Copyright RothburyTraditional Music Festival

Rothbury Traditional Music Festival Committee have already started planning for next year’s festival weekend which will run from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of July 2018.

The weekend continues to promote traditional music, dialect poetry and dance. The committee are in discussions to develop the appeal of the weekend for a broader audience especially the younger generation.

The committee are keen to recruit a new member to support the production of the program for the festival weekend and to manage the advertising which funds the printing costs. If this is an area you are interested in and have the necessary skills please contact Charlie Gale to discuss further.

email :- Charlie.gale1@outlook.com