Rothbury Highland Pipe Band is a huge part of the community and is going from strength to strength, with their now infamous 'world tour of the Coquet Valley and their now legendary last man standing new years day celebrations they are stalwarts of all local gatherings and have always been strong supporters of the festival.  Rothbury Music Festival has this year provided a donation towards drum harnesses for some of the younger members of the band to enable them to march at events with the rest of the band.  The band meets Mondays at The Jubilee Hall and new recruits are always welcome. Contact 01669 620835.


We Frighten Dogs


We frighten dogs, scare hosses too

When we march past, sec hullabaloo;

Sheep do bark and the cows they mew,

Why with oor racket they divnt knaa what ta do.


Babbys screech, little bairns they stare,

Their parents wishing we were not there;

Shoppers to the doors they flock,

Its to cheer; or maybe mock.


Motors, stopped within their tracks;

The drivers chunter, give us some flack;

Oor muckle red bus crawls up the hill

Ready ta tak us for oor fill.


Yet, New Yors Day, how things do change,

Aal pleased to see us as we range

Aroond the streets from hoose ta hoose,

‘Cum, have a dram.’ ye’ll hear the shouts.


Even auld folk skitter aboot the streets

ta gather where ere it is we meet;

Publicans welcome us with glee

as crowds do flock; & not  for tea!


We start in tune; smart, nice strite lines;

As day gans on we get less fine;

But aal are happy to lend a hand

Cos, we are Rothbury’s Highland Pipe Band.


Written by Bary Chalk RTMF chair and Pipe band member.


A mix of RHPB experiences, Nielston 2012 when the parade had to stop as we caused so much distress to a boxed horse (and others). The Chainbridge Honey Farm bus on the world tour when Andy was driving and folk had to jump off at Sharperton bank to give a hand up the hill, the many hold ups caused when we march through the village(s) and innumerable New Years Day turnouts.

1st World Tour

Group Photo 2011

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