More performers to be confirmed soon. Line up so far:


Performing a 30 minute set in the Saturday evening Mart Concert

Renowned contemporary folk band KAN return to the stage for a hotly anticipated reunion not to be missed, for their first performance in many years.

The Wilsons

Performing at a special Sunday afternoon concert in All Saints Church & at The Mart Saturday Evening Concert

The Wilson Family is an English folk music group from Billingham, Teesside, North East England. They have been singing and performing a cappella folk songs since 1974. Over those decades the group members have consisted of sister Pat and five brothers: Tom, Chris, Steve, Ken and Mike.

The accepted benchmark for powerhouse unaccompanied singing, they were awarded the Gold Badge of the English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS) in 2017, the highest honour the society can bestow.

The present-day group are the original core members, Tom, Chris and Steve and youngest brother Mike.

In the studio 2023, recording songs new to their repertoire, the resultant new Wilson Family album “Sibling Revivalry” marks 50 years of singing together and is already receiving critical acclaim.

Sting has recently said of them:

They have a family sound and a natural, bone-deep understanding of music and harmony. And it’s quite something.”

Niamh Farrell

Performing at Saturday Evening Mart Concert

Niamh Farrell’s versatile voice and love for music and singing were instilled from a very young age in her native Sligo, Ireland. Her musical influences are vast, allowing her to move effortlessly between Irish traditional, gospel contemporary and folk genres, offering the audience an eclectic mix of material.

Niamh has shared the stage and travelled the world with many different bands and artists including Project West, Seamus Begley, Bobby McFerrin and many more. Niamh’s haunting voice is frequently broadcast on a number of radio stations and televised programmes including RTE Radio 1’s ‘South Wind Blows’ with Philip King, Kieran Hanrahan’s Ceili House, Other Voices, Port and BBC Radio 2.

In 2014/2015 she embarked on a world tour with singer-songwriter David Gray as part of his ‘Mutineers’ band and has since recorded and performed as a supporting artist for the singer-songwriter.

Niamh will be accompanied by ace pianist and box player Jos Kelly.

Chris Stout & Finlay MacDonald

Performing at Outdoor Stage &  Mart Concert

We are delighted to welcome back this wonderful duo and favourites of the festival.

Chris Stout is well known for his work with harpist Catriona McKay and the sensational Shetland band Fiddlers’ Bid, while Finlay has performed all over the world playing pipes with countless bands and solo artists. Most recently he performed with Bryan Adams and P. Diddy to name but a few. In this album Chris and Finlay are on a continuing journey of discovery to find out just where these beautiful instruments truly engage in the music, finding common ground while allowing the unique idiosyncrasies of each instrument to flourish.

Di Henderson

Performing at The Acoustic All Saints Church Concert on Saturday afternoon.

Chance plays a big part in the world of music, a brief encounter at last year’s Rothbury festival led to Di Henderson being invited to perform at this year’s event. We couldn’t be more delighted.

A stalwart of the traditional music world, Henderson was barely in her teens when she went to the famed Marsden Inn for a charity do. “Loads of local musicians from the folk tradition were appearing, it was a great event. At one point Jimmy Bainbridge played a song I knew really well and I sang along. He must have heard me for when he finished he commented on my voice and asked if I’d ever sung on stage before. Never, I said.” 

Bainbridge invited her up and that day in 1965 Di began her career. She credits the generosity of performers like Bainbridge for her enduring success, “everyone is so helpful and giving,” she said. 

She made her first visit to Rothbury Traditional Music Festival eleven years later and has sung at the Mart many times over the years; what keeps her coming back? 

“At heart it’s the tradition. If you love the song then you learn the song easily, and the song loves you back.” 

We couldn’t have put it better.